Bandaging Aid for Nursing

Leg Lifting


Introducing a secure leg elevation device that supports positioning, dressing, and bandaging of the mid to lower limb.

Time Saving

Optimize nursing hours with safer conditions for wound dressing and bandaging of lower limbs.

Medical-Grade Fabric

Compliant with Infection Control and Safety Standards, treated with a hygienic solution for long-lasting protection.

Saving nurses backs

Aids nurses to reduce body strain when positioning, treating and managing lower leg wounds.

Nursing Equipment

Leg lifting cushion



A leg elevation device that safely suspends and supports the leg behind the knee/thigh and the heel/ankle is used to position, dress, and bandage the mid to lower limb.

The leg-elevation device would aid nurses to reduce body strain when positioning, treating and managing lower leg wounds. This would help reduce the risk of musculoskeletal & repetitive strain workplace injuries in nurses.

The cushion of the device is covered with Warwick textiles, which offer remarkable physical properties like natural flexibility and abrasion and tear resistance. Moreover, materials have been treated with HealthGuard, an Australian-developed and created hygienic fabric treatment, in order to comply with Infection Control & Safety Standards in the material. This treatment effectively eliminates dust mites, bacteria, yeasts, mould, and algae and will continue to offer long-term protection from them.


Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 15 × 20 × 10 cm

Warwick Lustrell Vinyl

Hygenic Treatments

HealthGuard and Ultrafresh



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Created by a nurse

100% Australian made

As a nurse herself, the creator of Leilo understands the risks of holding heavy limbs for extended periods of time and has developed this innovative solution to ensure patient safety and comfort. Made 100% in Australia, Leilo meets all safety and health standards and is the perfect addition to any healthcare facility or home setting. Experience the difference with Leilo and provide your patients with the best care possible.

Providing Comfort and Safety

Saving Nurses backs

“When attending/teaching a complex bilateral lower leg dressing procedure that requires any sort of bandaging, particularly venous compression, I feel that the person holding the limb has the greater risk of injury.

In my experience, the patients’ safety and comfort are paramount during these procedures however can be to the detriment of the nurses’ longevity in nursing due to musculoskeletal injury & repetitive strain.”

Leigh Bryant
Registered Nurse & Lei-lo founder.

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